Having earned our MDEL from Health Canada, we are able to supply some of the
highest quality Acupuncture Needles for our practitioners. Our manufacturer has
attained ISO 13485, CE and FDA (510K) certification and the Medical Device
Licence from  Health Canada. Both in terms of the sharpness of tips, body polish
and variety in handle, the manufacturer has achieved the world class level with
tremendous technical capability and creativity as well as the excellent combination
of imported technology.

Eacu Acupuncture Needle features:

4CJ style

● Copper Wire Spiral Handle Acupuncture Needle
● With Guide Tube. New Style of Single Hand Use
● All of Eacu needles are subjected to 8 stringent quality controls during
manufacturing, steriled with EO gas and usable for at least 2 years.
● surgical stainless steel wire from Japan or Germany origin
● medical paper blister foil individual separately packaging
● pyrogen free. manufactured in Class 100,000 clean room
● ISO13485,CE,FDA(510K) Certified
● 100pcs per small box
● 5 needles per flat, 20 flats

45CB style

● traditional Chinese acupuncture needle
● copper wire spiral handle with loop, copper color original
● surgical stainless steel wire from Japan or Germany origin.without insertion guide
tubes acupuncture needles
● medical paper blister foil individual separately packaging
● ETO sterilized. single use only. pyrogen free
● manufactured in Class 100,000 clean room
● ISO13485, CE,FDA(510K) Certified
● 1000pcs per box.5 needles per tube
● colored art. number is printed on the box

Intradermal Acupuncture Needle

● Made from the highest quality stainless steel, with excellent stimulation properties.
●Color coded foam-tab protects tip of IDN needle meanwhile identifies easily the
gauge of needle.
●Blisterfoil medical paper inner packaging well protects the IDN needle meanwhile
makes make practitioner easily to take it out for use.

Facial beauty acupuncture needle.

Acupuncture needle for special use on face areas with special sizes :
45J1215: Acupuncture Needle, 5J type,plastic handle with guide tube,single hand use,
bulk 5; 5管装塑柄美容针灸针;
4NPJ1215: Plastic Acupuncture Needle with tube (0.12x15mm) x100新型塑柄有管针
4N1215: 0.12x15mm Copper wire spiral handle acupuncture needle without guide
tube, 0.12X15mm 美容针灸针
4PB1215: Plastic handle facial needle without guide tube, 塑柄美容针灸针

Press tack needle (PTN) type

specially high-tech moulding design for the plastic board.
color coded plastic board for easy gauge identification.
advanced single layer tape holds th PTN needle
*We only supply our products to TCM practitioners.
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