E-Fong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a professional and modern Chinese herb medicine
Manufacturer . It  has developed 500 kinds of single Chinese herb concentrated granule. Compare from
the technology, quality and production capability,  It is the leader and  the biggest and one of the best in
the same field in the world.

E-Fong is designated as a first experimental base by State Administration  of Traditional Chinese
Medicine to take a lead to research and develop the  single Chinese herb concentrated granule in china,
and designated as a first experimental manufacturer by the State food and drug administration. All
these ten years, in order to boom our Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), E-Fong reforms in
thought and management, create in technology ceaselessly, has built up fingerprint illustration system
standard for single Chinese herb concentrated granule. E-Fong still researches for TCM curative effect,
TCM single and mixed decoction, equivalent in quantity and effect, has got great achievement in these

E-Fong has  realized the purpose of Chinese herb medicine safety,  high
efficiency,  stability Controllability, convenience and hygiene quality is our
life, it  takes “pursue perfectness, make the best Chinese herb
concentrated  granule” as our purpose, all the process are in
accordance with GMP strictly.  E-Fong is authorized the GMP certificate
by the Australia TGA in 1999, and re-authorized in 2001 and 2003, we
are also authorized the GMP certificate by  China State Food and Drug
Administration in 2003 and Site Licence by Natural
Health Products Directorate of Health Canada December 2005.
Dear customers,

Thank you for your cooperation and support during Health Canada's recent recall request for Du Xuan concentrated herbal granules. We understand the
concerns in respect of this recall and wish to communicate some key facts:

1. According to the scientific literature, there is no MPA in Xuduan itself;

2. The manufacturer strictly follows standard manufacturing procedure to prepare the tea or powdered granules. No MPA is added to the Du Xuan herbal
granule product at any point of the manufacturing process.  It should be noted that the manufacturer does not manufacture any MPA products either;

3. No evidence has been shown to us or the public to demonstrate that the tea contains MPA except the conclusive statements posted on the agency's
website, which we respectfully disagree with.  

4. Du Xuan products which are sold for compounding purposes and not marketed as a NHP is treated as a raw material as per Health Canada's policies.
Raw materials do not require DIN numbers. The agency's notice wrongly states that the Du Xuan product is an unauthorised product on the

5. This tea has been used for 25 of years and 9010,000 sachets have been produced and sold in 2016 .We have not received any reports or complaints
of miscarriage due to the use of this product.
We look forward to providing you with additional information as we continue our ongoing discussions with Health Canada on this matter. Should you have
any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Aidus Canada