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E-Fong Canada Herbal & Health  Solution is the official agent and wholesale distributor of E-Fong Foods and concentrated herbal tea products,
Acupuncture needles and TDP lamps in Canada.

E-Fong Canada Herbal Solution carries the complete line of E-Fong™ high quality TCM concentrated herbal
products including:

•        granule herbal tea in sachet
•        granule herbal tea (5:1) in bottle  

E-Fong™ concentrated herbal tea products have been authenticated certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices
(GMP) by Australian TGA and China SFDA (the State Food and Drug Administration), and site-licensed by Health

Acupuncture treatment can be a painful or rewarding experiences for patients. At E-Fong Canada, we believe the acupuncture experience is
dependant on the quality and sharpness of the needles. Therefore, we have carefully chosen a manufacturer who can produce needles of our
standards that can reduce patients' fear of needles and work effectively, with TIANYI and Jia Chen acupuncture needles. We are confident that
our choice of needles will provide you and your patients with satisfying results. Please visit our products page for more information and we
welcome you to request samples of our needles to experience the difference.

TDP special electromagnetic wave treating instrument.  Chongqing TDP Lamp is a new type therapeutic and health device. With the functions of
promoting metabolism, regulating physiological deficiency, diminishing inflammation and easing pain, increases the blood circulation and
metabolism, raises the temperature in tissues, expands capillary vessels, rejuvenates cells, helps move toxins from cells, improves Lymphatic
system functions. as muscular sore and pain, soft tissue injuries, arthritis and various skin conditions. Since introduced into clinic and family use
in early 1980, the TDP Lamp has successfully treated up to 60 million patients in China, Hong Kong, south Asia, Japan, Europe, Australia and
recently in north America. Due to its prominent therapeutic effects, the TDP Lamp is known in china and Hong Kong  as the "Magical Lamp".
我们专业代理进口并批发科学浓缩配方颗粒中药(即免煎中药)产品. 加拿大一方浓缩中药配方颗粒卫生, 安全, 方便,有效. 其颗粒用
热开水溶解5分钟后即可服用. 其疗效不但不会逊色于用传统方式煎煮出来的中药湯剂. 因加入了现代科学提取技术, 而把传统中药饮片
的效用提高到了最大. 我们提供的浓缩中药产品有:

1.       瓶装浓缩中药配方颗粒
2.       包装浓缩中药配方颗粒

中医治疗设备中心针:刺治疗可能对病人是一个痛苦的经历. 我们了解到这种经历多数来源于针灸针的质量和其锋利度.
因此我们精心挑选能生产高质量及为病人减少痛楚的的针灸针生产厂家. 我们所选的针具可减低您的病人对针
刺的恐惧感. 同时也可提高您治疗病患的效果. 如需了解详情,请与我们联系.

TDP 电磁波治疗器: 是近年来广泛运用的一种治疗器. 发明者选取了三十多种人体内不可缺少的元素。以无序聚合体,晶
态氧化物和单质元素等特质形态,用特殊的 制作和工艺,制成一块受专利保护的复合涂料板。该板所含元素受电能转换成
/平方厘米)恰好与人体自身释放的综合电磁波谱 相吻合,从而易为人体内的核苷酸信息高分子所吸收储存,并在一定条
件下由人体的纵深器官选择性吸收。这种被吸收的电磁波可促进人体内不稳定结构(如死亡细 胞、病变二聚体等)的解
Dear Customers:

Regarding to “Urgent Recall  Xuduan concentrated herbal granules” ,We respect of this recall and wish
to communicate some key facts:

1. The manufacturer claims all their products including Xuduan are pure natural products. According to
the scientific literature, there is no researches that reports they have found drug Mycophenolat in Xuduan
itself;  but Xuduan contains many natural compounds with medicinal effects.

2. The manufacturer strictly follows standard manufacturing procedure to prepare the tea or powdered
granules. No Mycophenolate is added to the Du Xuan herbal granule product at any point of the
manufacturing process.  It should be noted that the manufacturer does not manufacture any
Mycophenolate products either;

3. No evidence has been shown to us or the public to demonstrate that the tea contains MYcophenolate
except the conclusive statements posted on the Health Canada website and officer  Ms. Inessa’s email
which the manufacturer respectfully disagree with.  

4. Xuduan granules products which are sold for compounding purposes and not marketed as a NHP is
treated as a raw material and as per Health Canada's Raw Material and compounding policies. Raw
materials do not require DIN or  NPN  for importing or distributing in Canada. The your notice wrongly
states that the Du Xuan product is an unauthorised product on the market.                   

5. This Efong granule herbal tea has been used for 25  of years and 9010,000 sachets have been
produced and sold in 2016 .We have not received any reports or complaints of miscarriage due to the
use of this product. But in fact this herb is well known used for treating miscarriage as you know as a
TCM practitioner .

A third party Lab has proved that a trace amounts of mycophenolic acid (“MPA”) in all the tested      
samples.The finding of MPA in the raw herbal form of Xu Duan confirms that the trace  amounts of
MPA found in all the manufactured granules originates from the natural plant itself and not due to
contamination with or addition of the prescription drug  mycophenolate by Yifang and similar

Studies have shown that MPA  originates from Penicilium which exist widely in the     natural
environment. Thus MPA can be found widely in soil ,water, plants roots,   fruits, dry fruits, cereals,
animal feeds , silages , meats and foods especially in blue cheeses.

According Health Canada regulation of “Natural Toxins”: a).“Natural toxins are chemicals that are
naturally produced by living organisms. ” b).“Mycotoxins are another group of natural toxins. The word
mycotoxin is derived from the Greek word for fungus 'mykes' and the Latin word 'toxicum' meaning
poison.   Mycotoxins are toxic chemical products formed by fungi that can grow on crops in the     field
or after harvest. The foods that can be affected include cereals, nuts, fruit and dried  fruit, coffee, cocoa,
spices, oilseeds and milk. There are now more than 300 known         mycotoxins of widely different
chemical structures and differing modes of action...  Common mycotoxins include aflatoxins, ochratoxin
A, ergot alkaloids, fumonisins,  Patulin, trichothecenes (such as deoxynivalenol which is also known as
vomitoxin) and   zearalenone

We look forward to providing you with additional information as we continue our ongoing discussions
with Health Canada on this matter. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to providing you with additional information as we continue our ongoing discussions
with Health Canada on this matter. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your consideration and support!






断产品是市场上的一种未经授权的产品, 本公司在此向公众郑重宣布, 此陈述与卫生部相关部




. 我们的客户都是专家,众所周知,续断本身有安胎作用,用于补肾、健骨。厂家没有任何理
amount (痕量,以纳克为计算单位)的中药里的“西药成分”进入酸性环境中的胃里,与胃酸及其
它就不可能产生任何毒副作用. 所以大家应该可以明白,这个“痕量西药”的存在与中药的作用毫
卫生部的有关部门在没有提供足够具体的科学和临床证据之前, 就在其网页上发文说这个续断
利益, 厂方将保留对相关部门的法律追诉权利。我们期待为您提供更多信息,因为我们继续与